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Professional Service Made Personal: at Walker Law my mission is to provide each client with high level professional advise. Your needs are serious and you deserve a lawyer who will take them seriously. This is not a law firm that has a pre-packaged solution for any given legal issue. My goal is to listen to your needs and give you the information you need. I want to empower my clients to make the best decisions that work for them.


My focus is you. I am going to sit down with you and listen. Then we will strategize all your options so that you get the best outcome for you. Whatever the area of law you need help with your success is personal and you decide what that looks like.

Estate Planning:

I will create a custom and personalized solution for you tailored to your specific objectives. Your hard-earned assets do not need to be tied up in probate court and subject to unnecessary expenses. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have intelligently thought through and planned for your family's future.


We will discuss what your goals are and how they fit with the governing law, wills in place, or any trust terms. You need to know all your options and all your responsibilities.

Personal Injury:

This is not your typical personal injury practice. If you have been injured, I am going to spend time with you and help you get the best medical treatment available. My focus is on your recovery. At the same time I am going to help you strategize the best financial outcome so that you can be made completely whole.

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